Propane delivery tips

During the winter months, snow and packed ice can make it challenging to access your home for deliveries. To ensure timely propane delivery this winter, we recommend following these simple steps:

Clear access to heating oil or propane tanks

  • Please clear any snow and ice from areas leading to and around your fuel fill pipe. This will help to ensure the efficient delivery of your propane.
  • Keeping paths clear also helps other public utility companies or safety officials respond to emergencies.

Keep vents free of snow, ice and debris

  • Be mindful of uncovering exhaust vents from heating systems. Vents on the sides of homes can easily become blocked by high snow.
  • Blocked vents can result in heating system malfunctions, carbon monoxide getting into the home and create a safety hazard. Please make sure that your exhaust vents are clear of all obstructions.
  • Exercise caution when clearing the snow from around your tank and lines so that you do not damage them.

Beware of falling snow and ice

  • Check the area above your tank for accumulating snow and ice which damage equipment and cause spills.

We appreciate your cooperation to ensure your safety and that there’s no interruption to your propane delivery. If you have any questions, please give our team a call.